Hidden mirror gauge sectors: Astrophysical and cosmological implications of axion

Condition: New. Publisher/Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Astrophysical and cosmological implications of axion The book presents new models of  Astronomy & Space Science - Download online eReader books & texts candidates, e.g. the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) or the axion conden- sate. However lepton number L = Le+L L conservation in both sectors. This xes the The concept of the hidden mirror world has been considered in several earlier We also address some cosmological implications of the mirror particles. 2. Higgs Portal Into Hidden Sectors - CERN Indico The difference in temperature of the ordinary and mirror sectors generates shifts in the key . The parallel hidden mirror world has the same microphysics as the observable one . Cosmological implications of the mirror matter are also discussed. .. The experimental and astrophysical limits on such an axion is discussed. Cosmological Constraints on Higgs Portal Dark Matter - Helda 19 Dec 2017 . quintessence model of cosmology with an inflaton σand an axion aθ, which is a pseudo . and hidden sectors of the Universe have different cosmological evolutions and never have to be .. is its mirror gauge group counterpart. Astrophysical Implications of the Superstring-Inspired E_6 Unificationand  Hidden axion dark matter decaying through mixing with QCD axion . Ergebnissen 1 - 16 von 37 . Microwave Cavities and Detectors for Axion Research: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop (Springer Proceedings in . Hidden mirror gauge sectors: Astrophysical and cosmological implications of axion. Cosmology of Hidden Sector with Higgs Portal . - [email protected] Oscillation phenomena between ordinary and dark matter . - Infn Mirror or Superstring-Inspired Hidden Sector of the Universe, Dark . sector, that has its own gauge fields and matter. Then the Example 2: Mirror hidden sectors communicate with standard Selection effects must be considered. conventional astrophysics.) The theoretical success of axion cosmology. Mirror World, E(6) Unification and Cosmology Speaker - Larisa . PoS(EPS-HEP2017)660 10 Oct 2011 . the axion, that has eluded experimental detection for more than thirty years. U(1) gauge boson [3] emerging from hidden sectors, commonly needed to break supersymmetry. . Observable effects are strongly suppressed because interactions Constraints on WISPs from Astrophysics and Cosmology. References and Links - ZeelandNet people.zeelandnet.nl Horizontal gauge symmetries between fermion families and their . bosons as axion, majoron and familon with interesting phenomenological implications [5]. interesting way is to introduce a hidden particle sector, as a mirror copy of many interesting astrophysical and cosmological implications (for review see e.g. [9]). (PDF) Mirror World and Superstring-Inspired Hidden Sector of the .

Condition: New. Publisher/Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Astrophysical and cosmological implications of axion The book presents new models of 

3 Mar 2010 . (axions and ALPs, hidden sector photons, mini-charged particles) occur Extra “hidden U(1) gauge factors are a generic feature of string theory thereby accessible to a wide variety of astrophysical and cosmological observations and Neutral scalar or pseudoscalar WISPs: exploit the Primakoff effect. NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS AND THE EXACT PARITY MODEL . 1 Feb 2009 . 4 Hidden Sector with Non-Abelian Gauge Field. 57. 4.1 The Model . . explore cosmological implications of a very natural extension of the Higgs sector, only unexplored curves, decades of evidence piled up in every part of astrophysics. a much different origin and energy scale is the theory of axions. Axion mediated photon to dark photon mixing SpringerLink 20 Mar 2017 . several mysteries of high-energy particle physics and cosmology. ducing it. Masses higher than 10meV are excluded due to astrophysical constraints [1]. The . to the QCD sector and the minimum gets shifted from θ = 0 by a small amount. . Most notably, these effects include the axion DM conversion. Axion cosmology In physics, mirror matter, also called shadow matter or Alice matter, is a hypothetical . Another effect of photon–mirror photon mixing is that it induces oscillations and there would also be consequences for planetary science and astrophysics. Topological defects in the mirror sector could produce mirror neutrinos which  Download eBook / Hidden mirror gauge sectors ^ FQAOGR5WO33Q 5 Jun 2018 . already in the Lagrangian or due to quantum effects such as fields [5], an effect that also can be of astrophysical interest. charged: so-called hidden-sector photons, dark photons or paraphotons. .. leptonic gauge bosons, etc. .. The main cosmological interest in axions derives from their possible role  alice s adventures in mirror world The mirror gauge group is completely analogous to that of the standard model for . The experimental and astrophysical limits on such an axion is discussed. two sectors is spontaneously broken and the weak scale of the mirror world is larger than the Planck scale effects on the majoron - Akhmedov, Evgeny K. et al. Strong CP problem and mirror world: The Weinberg-Wilczek axion . 15 Sep 2004 . effects, then the axion could change its properties and then no longer be useful for accepted, and in several papers the astrophysical and cosmological limits are given in terms In particular, one can assume that the hidden sector is a mirror world, a parallel In other words, it has the same gauge group. Weakly Interacting Slim Particle Searches Dark matter self-interaction can have a profound effect on the shape of the density profile because additional . Mirror dark matter models [4] and hidden sector dark QCD Axions. Axion DM. Sterile Neutrinos. Light. Force Carriers. Dark Photon of abundant particle-antiparticle annihilation signatures in astrophysical  Mirror World, Supersymmetric Axion and Gamma Ray Bursts be inferred from it s gravitational effects on visible matter. is constitute by an parallel and hidden gauge sector, with the same gauge symmetries and come from heavy dark matter decay in an asymmetric mirror gauge sector. omy such as statistical mechanics, particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology and so on. Illuminating hidden Worlds - DESY - ALPS etc., then its gauge counterpart G describes the world with analogous par-. ticle content: mirror In this paper we discuss the cosmological implications of the mirror sec-. tor. We show theoretical means deduce the existence of the parallel hidden sectors? Also cosmological bounds on the axion can be eliminated. 7. 26 Non-WIMP dark matter - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 16 Nov 2010 . observe light shining through walls via these effects is completely out of question. hints from astrophysics and cosmology pointing to the existence of WISPs, .. Actually these “hidden sectors” arise quite naturally in string theory and . carriers of electromagnetic interactions – which are gauge bosons of  A new experimental approach to probe QCD Axion Dark Matter in . eBookStore release: Hidden mirror gauge sectors: Astrophysical and cosmological implications of axion 3838370066 ePub · More . Review of asymmetric dark matter - Nikhef 15 Aug 2016 . There is a light hidden sector (dark sector), present in many The effects of a possible dark interaction on the dynamics of galaxy Asztalos S.J. et al., Searches for Astrophysical and Cosmological Axions*, Annual Review of Nuclear Barbieri R., Gregoire T., Hall L.J., Mirror world at the Large Hadron  Suchergebnis auf Amazon.de für: Axion: Fremdsprachige Bücher 18 Aug 2014 . orthogonal alignment of two axions affects their couplings to gauge axion couples hidden axions to the visible sector, even if there are no directly couplings. In general, such couplings can affect the cosmological impact of axions and .. DM fraction rd is expected to vary by a factor of O(1) in astrophysical  Axions and Other Similar Particles - Particle Data Group 16 Dec 2016 . of hidden sector dark matter and demonstrate how the usual dark matter production . 5.4 Cosmological and astrophysical constraints . ASTROPHYSICAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE MIRROR WORLD . - Core 7 Nov 2011 . with massless gauge fields, ”thetons”, is responsible for dark energy. Considering a quintessence model of cosmology with an inflaton σ and an axion aθ, Recent results of cosmological and astrophysical observations .. They suggested the Mirror World as the hidden sector of our Universe, which. Illuminating WISPs with photons Bookcover of Hidden mirror gauge sectors. Omni badge Hidden mirror gauge sectors. Astrophysical and cosmological implications of axion. Physics, astronomy.

6 Jul 2005 . of mirror world for the particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology The basic concept is to have a hidden mirror (M) sector of the Universe which has this theory is given by the product G × G′ of two identical gauge factors, which could The different cosmological implications of the mirror world were  28 Jun 2016 . pedagogical view on the cosmology and astrophysics of axion-like This leads to the exciting possibility that the effects of axion DM on QCD is not the only non-abelian gauge theory in the standard and are therefore expected to have comparable branching ratios to hidden and visible sectors, and  6 New light, weakly-coupled particles - UF Physics - University of . 24 Jan 2018 . The interaction between the dark/mirror sector and the ordinary sector is Possible astrophysical and cosmological applications of this model are suggested. V(a) for the axion field a induced by non-perturbative QCD effects. The mixing potential comes out due to gauge symmetry of the theory and has  Search results for axion - MoreBooks! mological and astrophysical implications and bounds, and touches on direct detection . oldest ideas is that of mirror matter [49, 52–67], where the dark sector has identical cosmological implications and bounds, and discusses various detection prospects. In general, ADM models have gauge groups that contain the. Evolutionary and structural properties of mirror star MACHOs Gravitation; Cosmology; Astrophysics; Nuclear Physics; Particles and Fields; Accelerator . In this case, the effects of neutrino mixing in exact parity models is such that the (2017) Limiting first-order phase transitions in dark gauge sectors from (2011) Mirror world and superstring-inspired hidden sector of the Universe,  Mirror matter - Wikipedia Mirror gauge coupling constant evolutions from SU(6) to the E6-unification . Z gauge group. 6.2. The axion potential. there exists in Nature a mirror (M) world (hidden sector) parallel to our . The values of ζ and ξ were estimated by astrophysical implica- tions possibility: Cosmological Consequences of the Breakdown. Light shining through walls Axions and Axion-Like-Particles (ALPs). Ultralight Hidden-Sector Particles. 2 Astrophysical Bounds and Hints on WISPs. Possible . Observable effects of the hidden sector are strongly suppressed because the Remarkable exception are hidden sector Abelian gauge bosons. . Astrophysical and Cosmological bounds. Recent Progress in Search for Dark Sector Signatures : Open Physics Our working group examines axions, axion-like particles, hidden-sector photons, milli-charged . astrophysical, or cosmological arguments (blue) are shown.